In 2000 “Tai Mo Shan/Big Hat Mountain” was exhibited at the Montblanc Gallery in Hong Kong’s Fringe Club. The work is an art/poetry collaboration between Carol Archer and Christopher (Kit) Kelen. Consisting of Archer’s mixed media scrolls and Kelen’s long poem, “Tai Mo Shan/Big Hat Mountain” works the boundaries between text and image to celebrate the single biggest thing in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The project presents a range of representational interactions which engage the mountain and all those who see or fail to see it. The mountain, as arbitrarily declared entity, becomes an intercultural focus for thought about the relationship between nature and human agency. Carol Archer’s scrolls are each approximately 140 x 60 cm in size and employ drafting film, tissue paper, latex, drawing media and fabric dyes.



every night the mountain climbs over

whatever I dream

it remains


Bears my sullen breath away

the mountain confesses me

I have only to come

there is something between me and it

and not a form of understanding