“Work of Macao Hands: Watercolours by Carol Archer” was held at the University of Macau’s Library Gallery from 10th November until 7th December 2006. The paintings explore the rapidly changing city of Macao and the construction that may be found around every corner. Rather than depicting the magnitude and complexity of Macao’s many casinos-under-construction, the “Work of Macao Hands” series is about human-scale details such as the knots that secure bamboo scaffolding to a site-fence. Also included in the exhibition are paintings that feature traces of the work of Macao hands in the already ‘finished’ urban landscape: tangles of electrical wires and water pipes, ropes that tie up market produce for display. The close focus of these paintings reminds the viewer that it is hands that continue to make Macao what it is becoming today. The exhibition was accompanied by a publication, which is available from the artist.