Collaborative Works on Paper by Carol Archer, Kit Kelen and friends.

Cards Between is an exhibition of postcards, each of which is a collaboration between two people. Each of the 21 by 15 cm postcards has travelled through the mail. On display at Rostrum are a number of series of such cards. The first series, Elsewhere-Home, is the work of artist friends Carol Archer, Anna Couani, Loene Furler, Kit Kelen, Sue Rawlinson and Virginia Shepherd. The second and third series feature the work of drawing students at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University. A fourth series showcases postcard collaborations between Carol Archer and Water Kwong, Grace Ip, Kelsie Yang, Ling Chan and Yanyi Choi. The book Between presents collaboration between Lingnan University’s drawing students and Creative Writing students from the University of Macau.

At the event on Tuesday 10th June Carol Archer and Kit Kelen talk about these projects and the collaborative processes involved in making them happen.