Macao-Elsewhere Project is a series of mixed media postcards, 21 x 15 cm in size, that explore the relations between geographically-dispersed places and people.  Each of the mixed media cards in the series is a collaboration by two people, one of whom was in Macao. The making of the cards was organized according to a ‘one turn each’ principle: one artist begins a card and then posts it to another artist, who completes it and mails it back to its originator. Participating artists included Carol Archer (Hong Kong/ Macao), Leah Bullen (Australia), Cécilia Cheong (France/Macao), Anna Couani (Australia), Loene Furler (Australia), Carol Jenkins (Australia), Kit Kelen (Macao/Hong Kong), Sean O’Connell (Australia), Sue Rawlinson (Australia), Virginia Shepherd (Australia) and So Vai Keng (Macao).

The piece was included in an exhibition entitled placemarks which was held in the Lingnan University Fong Sum Wood Library from November 11 to November 28, 2011. As part of the Visual Studies Department’s 2011 conference ‘What Environment Do We Want? Environmental Aesthetics and its Implications,’ this exhibition included works of art that consider environments and their meanings. Other works in placemarks were Zoie So’s mixed media piece titled Microscopic Vision: Mediated Landscape, a work that explored the ways in which media coverage biases our perception of nature; Wai Yi Monti Lai’s Home: Lesson One, a sound work that reflects on how the current wave of development in China is reshaping the idea of home; Tony Ng and Yip Lap Wing’s Give and Take, an interactive installation which invited exhibition visitors to take part in exchange relationships which implicate a variety of environments; and Ruby Au, June Lau and Kirz Lam’s Water,  a video meditation on the relationships between nature and human beings.